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mod post! 
12th-Jul-2008 11:30 am
Mini Cooper
All members must read the following information && follow the rules. please&&thanks.

As you may have noticed this community has been re-done and is in the process of being fixed up and changed. it is going to be a place to post any graphics that i or any members make.


☮ you may request (a) graphic(s) if you see a style you like posted here.

☮ feel free to join and post your own graphics that you have made.

comment && credit is a must when taking any graphic. [i.e. credit: girl_meets_boi @ rand0m_jad0re or whatever the makers username is.]

☮ if you take/request a graphic you must use it.

☮ certain graphics i post are examples [for requests] && may not be taken unless otherwise noted.

no hotlinking.

☮ use your manners.

☮ if you wanna request something just comment this entry and either link me to the emaple or tell me in detail about the example so i can locate it. [only use my icons as examples please.]

☮ occasionally i'll put up requests where i will make a certain icon for X number of people.

once in a while i'll update this entry with current info && i advise all of you read the updates when they are posted. kthanxbye.
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