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Welcome to the redesigned Rand0m J'ad0re.

Rand0m J'adore basically means random love or love of randomness in French. This is a simple community where I, girl_meets_boi, will post my icons && other graphics I make. If you would like to join and post your own graphics feel free to do so.

This community will have a variety of graphics (i.e. movies, drugs, shows, photography, various themes/subjects, etc.) So please be warned. If you want to request a subject/theme then go for it, but please know that the request may not be filled immediately.

!!! also, feel free to post or ask for pixels as well. I have a large collection and it keeps growing.

post only your own original graphics.
all posts should be friends only.
credit using LJ tags (i.e. girl_meets_boi @ rand0m_jad0re) when taking anything. period.
be polite. comment when using any graphics.
no hotlinking.
use your manners. (&& don't be rude.)


check these communities out;

beatscience; a community that my good friend, seashellz, owns.
likemagic; a community where i'm a graphic maker.
pixelpeach; another great community full of pixels.
icon_tutorial; lots of tutorials/tips for making graphics as well as a place to ask questions.

my El Jay & My Myspace & Fab Freebies comunity